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Ever since President Obama has taken office, the GOP has created their own version of American history,
and people have started believing them. Well, we remember how it really was under Republican leadership.
Join this campaign, and remind the world how much better we have it now.   Here's How:

Do You Have
A Memory?

Will You Use
It When You
Vote This November?
I'm Voting Democratic Because I Have A Memory

Do You Have a Memory?

Do You Have A Memory Video
Want to Help?

What Do They Want In Return?
(These Millionaires)

What Do They Want In Return? Video
The Music Video
Written and produced by Barry Davis. Sung by David Reed Watson.

Help save The Presidency, The Congress, The Supreme Court and The Middle Class by awakening people's memories. Make your own "I Have A Memory Video" and upload it to YouTube with the tag IHAM2012. Then email the URL to info@IHaveAMemory.com so we can add it to our YouTube channel and help spread your words!

iTunesLike the songs? Please download them from the iTunes Store to help support this effort. They are called "What Do They Want In Return? (These Millionaires)" and "(I'm Voting Democratic Because) I Have A Memory".